AC servo motor for “SEIKO” machine. pdf



Variety HVP-i70
Rated speed 3,500r.p.m.
Rated output 750W
Power voltage range 100-120V
Pully size available 55-85mm
Gross weight 10.9Kg
Packing dimension
  • HVP-i70
  • Simple and easy to use for “SEIKO” machines.
    (Pre-setting the necessary parameters for “SEIKO” Models then only setting the
    machine code number when initial operation.)
  • Low noise, low vibration and low power consumption.
  • Highly accurate positioning.
  • Without syncronizer(if dameged), motor working as Clutch motor and the backtack
    solenoid & auto-foot lifter still working.
  • Specification matched the “CE” Standard.
  • Solenoid over current protected.
  • Fully digital design, powerful parameter built-in for application.
  • With O.V. ,O.C. ,L.V. protection function and controlled by software.
  • With auto-running timer inside, easy to test. (Function no.135, 136, 137 & 138)
  • Easy to maintain through error cord display.