High speed, Cylinder bed, Large Vertical axis hook, Compound feed
Compound feed and walking foot, Reverse stitch, Lockstitch machines.



Variety LCW-8BL
Max. sewing speed 2,000s.p.m.
Max.stitch length 6.2mm
Clearance under
presser foot
14mm(by pedal)
8.5mm(by hand)
Needle bar stroke 33.2mm
Needle(Standard) DPx17 #22
135×17 #140
Hook Large vertical axis hook (2.0times)
Amount of walking
foot movement
Lubrication Semi-automatic lubrication type
Cylinder size 77mm
  • LCW-8BL
  • LCW-8BL-TA
    For thick thread.
  • LCW-8BL-1
    Small sized cylinder edge.
  • LCW-8BL-1-TA
    Small sized cylinder edge, for thick thread.
  • LCW-8BLV
    Synchronized binding.
  • LCW-8BLV-1
    Synchronized binding, small sized cylinder edge.
  • For sewing medium to heavy weight fabrics, leather, synthetics, canvas and various coated and laminated materials.
  • Suitable for sewing tubular and curved work such as shoes boots, bags and handbags.