High speed, Large vertical axis hook, Reverse stitch,
Compound feed and walking foot, Lockstitch machines.


Variety LSWN-8BL-3
Max.sewing speed 2,800s.p.m.
Max.stitch length 10mm
Clearance under
presser foot
16mm(by knee)
8.5mm(by hand)
Needle bar stroke 33.2mm
Needle(Standard) DPx17 (#22)
135×17 (#140)
Hook Large vertical axis hook (2.0times)
(Automatic lubrication type)
Amount of walking
foot movement
3-6mm(Standard 4mm)
Lubrication Semi-automatic lubrication type
  • LSWN-8BL-3
  • LSWN-8BL-3-TA
    For thick thread.
  • LSWN-8BLV-3
    Synchronized binder.
  • For sewing medium to heavy weight fabrics, leather, vinyl, synthetics and laminated
    and coated materials.
  • Suitable for sewing such as boat and furniture upholstery, tarpaulins, covers, awnings,
    tents, umbrellas, handbags, luggage, travelware accessories, sports and camping equipment,
    wearing apparel, outdoor clothing, footwear, foundation garments and orthopedic appliances.